Sera Mey Food Fund

Monk Sponsorship

Our newest program involves finding sponsorships for the monks at Sera Mey. Most if not all young monks come from very needy and impoverished families in Tibet, Nepal and India. Usually with 4 or 5 children per family, the monks parents have no means to educate or take care of them. Sometimes one or two of the sons are chosen to be taken to Sera Mey to receive an education, food, shelter, clothing and health care. At the age of 15 the young monk chooses to continue his monastic studies or leave the monastery to help support his family. Our program for sponsorship is $180.00 per year which helps towards the costs of food, shelter, education, school supplies, health costs and a set of robes for each monk. This program helps relieve some of the burden from other donations Sera Mey receives.

It is a wonderful opportunity for you to become part of a young monks life. To see him grow into a healthy man and become educated. With this education he has a real chance of a future inside or outside of the monastery. You can write to each other, share photos , experiences and watch them grow.

All the $180.00 goes directly to the Sera Mey Thoesem School Principle Geshe Ngawang Chozin who administers the money as to the needs of the young monks. No part of your donation is used for administrative purposes. Sera Mey Food Fund Corporation is a volunteer organization. This money can be paid through the "DONATE NOW" button below with Paypal.

Please make a note in the Paypal donation field of the monk name and his number before you confirm donation. You will receive a confirmation and a copy of his biography by return email.

By Cheque

Make cheque to "Sera Mey Food Fund" Address: 705 Chemin de Chambly, Longueuil, QC J4H 3M2 Phone:(450) 677-5038

By Paypal

The service allows people to send money without sharing financial information, with the flexibility to pay using their account balances, bank accounts and credit cards.